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ignore it
I know I've got it in me
but I've been running from it
I don't want to be a starving artist
I don't want to be starving
I've just ignored all that's inside me
hoping it would just go away if I didn't write about it
I got so tired of cutting myself open
to bleed out
to read out my heart
these parts of me
I no longer let others see
but it's still there
making me feel so bare
so machine like
just running and running and
gunning for the next big thing
I've made myself a slave for the convenience of
to feel
but I do feel and it's so real
making me want to keel over
and die in her arms again
I try to deny how I miss her
cliche desire to kiss her one last time
she's not mine and I have to deal with it
trying not to skip meals
starving anyway without the art
so I'm fucked either way only...
this way I create nothing.
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Fire Eyes
The sun's been set high today
Stepping out is your dismay
It's sun's shine
And your time
Connect with your mind
This kind
Is over
You are now invincible
Breathe the fire
You create with zire
In your chest
Burn your friends
They appear
In the line of your blaze
Walk now, metal man
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I'll tell you I'm fine
But not meet your eyes
because all my responses
Are apparently lies
I stare at strangers
They all seem to know better
Than to stare back
release me
attack this stacked deck
Let me fall back to fighting you
I'll be that guy
on the other side
Of the room
Gloomy and sketchy
with eyes you like to catch
me staring direct
Incorrect vibe
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RaverMSN by octoro RaverMSN :iconoctoro:octoro 0 4
the hullajournal ch 1
IThe Hullastory "Pacific Sun"
After much anticipation of this next Hullabaloo adventure, the day was upon us. We got up at a hideous 8AM and were on our way. We stopped at the party store on Ford and Lilley, gags n gifts, and generally just drove around all confused for a bit before picking everyone up. I got 2 electric glowsticks and some tiny pink chemlights. Uber had my money, which meant I did in fact get to go.
There weren't as many exceptionally memorable conversations on the ride there this time, so I'll just skip most of it.
We got to customs (always an event) and got searched. No seriously, act surprised. We waited outside for a while and Paul told them we're going to an ecstasy party, and gave them some other information they didn't believe, like that we weren't planning on doing drugs. Way to go Paul. When we went inside we all got excited because there he was… the hottest guy ever. Previously (in my last hullastory) he was in the booth and had us pull over. Maybe next hulla
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CHOMP by octoro CHOMP :iconoctoro:octoro 0 4
couple's retreat
I'm intoxicated from
Sharing the hoards of
viral whores that were
Living in the holes
Of your soul
But I'm close to you,
My bound up muse
Soul energies
Physically channeling
Spanning galaxies of
Love's rifts
And hatred's cliffs
Over your scarred
Towering walls
To you
You flow to me
Paint pictures in my head
Of winter and everything
That's been
All this spilled after a
"how do you feel"
And you say
"see? You are a writer"
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'Higher Things' journal 1
we've just lived with it I guess. I was born into knowing they could break through one day. they've been clawing at the walls of Sanctuary since before any of us living now were born, so we're kind of all used to it. except that we aren't really. the constant droning of the machines has driven most of us a little mad... humans weren't made to withstand such things.
ahh, but you know what? I should probably explain a little better how we got here, or at least how we think we got here, because nobody really knows.
somewhere somehow sometime the machines and we living beings got into a war, we think. we have no idea where they came from though... outer space? our own labs? themselves? nobody knows. worms could have built them for all we know. all we can do now is keep strengthening our walls and keeping them out. as far as we know, we're the only survivors, but we've not left Sanctuary in many years.
I live in a house my dad made out of the metal, and it's really close to the walls, so my
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sky like wool dyed gray
black texture below my feet
stretching beyond
what the fog lets me see
pavement glistening
under the harsh sparse lighting
every patter from the rain only hours before
dripping off nearby branches
screaming at me
the street
cold and wet
asks to hold me
in this, my midnight realm
I lie awake
and free
so I walk
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fuck fuckity fuck fuck
ya know what?
you can suck my
left nut
but do it politely
as you ask of me
you see...
i know your type
i'll wipe my ass
with those flapping
slapping lips of yours
filling a cup with my
"shut the fuck up"
because you never do
too many things
basking in your
of persuasion
no no no
i've not lost it
i gave it away
to let me
be me
freely screaming
and i'll drive you
all away before you
NAG me again
bending my will past
your asslike head
red with anger for me
now is the time for
moving music
it progresses, but each frame
same as the last
like lines on the road
driver angry as the
engine sounds
ground's passing by
sly double yellows
slip below the tires
carrying me off
beyond all of you
the real me
the me that wants
and does
tell you to
(music stops)
:iconoctoro:octoro 1 1
perceive with your mind.
there are real time conclusions to be drawn from that which appears as you close your eyes.
stop seeing and walk through this world of your dreams
gleaming to be streaming consciousness
your vision is only and only to keep you here.
come with me and explore the world they knew
those Eleusian wanderers of this other sense
talk to me with that, not this what we're so used to
abused too, as we loose our minds
their kind lost with it
run with me to where we contact
the abstract
the mind.
see me now
:iconoctoro:octoro 201,326,592 2
the fear of going under has passed
as I get ripped open
and re-arranged
the following months were
filled with anesthetics
numbing the wound
having "a great time"
Losing myself in time
mind fucked psyche
killing the pain
he rips off my band aid
with words of
definitions of
mocked into oblivion
on a funeral precession
through the streets of my
I was put back together
wrong last time
and patched up
so I didn't know
but now I'm spewing
blood and chewing flesh
running to find
a place to bind
my scattered tears
years of nothing
gushing into the streets
meets my shoes
and passersby
cries let lose
to the world
unfurled as a monument
to my humanity
my insanity
my emotion
once again
set in motion
:iconoctoro:octoro 0 1
no concept of time whatsoever
all in this world slowly slips away
fading into silk screens of perception
all that matters is the now
and the voice calling
faded too, like the feeling in your toes
in your ankles
straight up to your eyes
a worldly numbness
which finally provides you with
finally connecting you to
your soul
my soul
our soul
the soul
be it:
orbiting perfection
shared by mystics
and skeptics alike
connecting the world
in a bliss you have access to
angelic pleasure
worlds of ethereal
dendrites lapsing into trance
releasing brain chemicals at
unholy levels
synaptic miracles of
overflowing seratonin pools
of stimulation numbing
into oblivious consiousness
it is:
overwhelming bliss
singular mental flawlessness
the goal
:iconoctoro:octoro 1 1
mother nature cries in vain
Mother nature cries in rain
vain as she perceives us
trusting we'll set her back
track to show us how she used to be
we, being the non-unified
decreptified slag of mass
on our asses
a parasite by choice
with no voice to be recognized
of size from those who choose
not to loose the energy we take
fake with heisted cosmic waves
we use to cleanse or harness
the highness we desecrate
as we procreate
more disease
viral nations
clamoring over claimed
same blood cells
sell their improper propaganda
climbing with steel toe
my old boots
shoots steel spikes and cleats
into the feet of my goddess
they try to worship with destruction
:iconoctoro:octoro 1 5
ocean depths
ocean depths
You walk by
my emotions
churn in your wake
I reach, but you
are out of reach
I want back the moment
the instant
that we had
even if he had
you first
was I the rebound
from the blue
running from your blue
my new color is blue
I cant
have you
:iconoctoro:octoro 0 2
A jiff went
A thin wisp of the clouds
slips around the moon in the night
though unseen till it obscures light
never making a sound, never being loud
this dispersing fog of a vapor
has no mind of its own
unbeknownst it has slowly grown
to delicately drawn like blue paper
but then as the wind moves it along
it starts to haunt another's moon
floating like a big balloon
inspiring another's song
but it is out of my sight
and the moon is full
which oddly lifts my soul
and I can finally feel right
but is it the nox
to feel this way
over my emotions hold sway
and keep me in this box
no! It is myself to feel
free as I do to focus
on my love a saffron crocus
though the identity isn't real
though as beautiful as I've ever seen
he is not for me tonight
he is for his love the light
because I am only seventeen
:iconoctoro:octoro 0 4

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The Night Before Christmas
'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;
Cookies and milk were laid out on the table,
With carrots for Rudolph and the rest of the stable;
The children were tweaked out and couldn't get sleep,
While they waited for gifts, toys and goodies to reap;
They had just snorted Ritalin to stay well aware
Of the sounds of the night and if St. Nick was there.
Then there was a crash and a bang and a swear,
And the sound of somebody kicking a chair.
The children sprang up and out of their beds,
While visions of awesome toys danced in their heads.
Into the living room they jostled and ran
To find, instead of St. Nick, a quite different man.
He had flowing white robes and wore his hair long,
There was something amiss; something had to be wrong.
This was not Santa as they had fervently hoped;
They began to back off before they got groped.
"Who are you?" asked the brother," And why are you here?"
The man fixed his halo and wiped soot of
:iconbarnabus:barnabus 94 62
Fire Swings by princ3sa Fire Swings :iconprinc3sa:princ3sa 38 133
My Own Addiction
I have an Addiction
I'll be the first to admit
It gives me so much tribulation
And yet I just can't quit.
Cause what I have has no patch
Or a gum you can bite
Has no AA group to match
This one I have to fight.
It's like climbing a tall tree
A battle I might skip
It's not an easy quest for me
And I'm afraid I might slip.
I go back to this problems roots
Grab a handful and pull
Glance up and see its fruits
And eat them all whole.
Back along the knife's edge
I do my whirling dance
It prunes my mind like a hedge
I Never had a Chance.
:iconclalrick:clalrick 1 4



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United States
I have returned.


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